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Mobile Broadband Kit

Provide WiFi internet access for up to 30 people from a single SIM card. Designed for rapid-rollout connectivity in the most challenging environments.

Supported with MBK™

The Mobile Broadband kit has been adopted widely across the US by Government agencies including Military, Law Enforcement and disaster recovery.

Maximise Your Cellular Broadband Services

The Mobile Broadband kit (MBK™) provides internet access for 30 – 50 people from ONE cellular account using one SIM.

Built-in Power Supply

Built-in Power Supply

Run your network for 8-10 hours without recharge



Configurable firewall, VPN and other network features

Extended Network Range

MBK™ has a maximum demonstrated range of 280m where a standard hotspot is limited in range to usually less than 30m. Plus a built in power supply that can run 8-10 hours without recharge.

Fast and Reliable

Fast & Reliable

Scale mobile broadband deployments quickly, with a minimal hardware footprint



Provide WiFi to large groups in areas not typically covered by WiFi and cellular broadband

MBK™ Features

The MBK™ is a proven solution used at home and on the battlefield by our Government customers.

4G / LTE

LTE connectivity with SIM-based auto-carrier selection

Gigabit LAN/WAN

2 Gigabit LAN/WAN configurable ports & active GPS

Remote Admin

12 months router cloud management included

FIPS 140-2 Security

FIPS 140-2 versions available for secure Netcloud connectivity

System Warranty

12 months warranty on the router and 6 months for the battery

24/7 Support

Phone, web, and chat support available

“We used it as a modem router to setup our network. The network worked well. We were able to hook our printers to it and print from any computer on the network. The support from your team was outstanding. We were on the edge of AT&T coverage and it seemed to meet out needs.”

Assistant Fire Management Officer

Soap Lake, WA

“MBK is Awesome!”

Battalion Signals Officer

US Army Special Forces

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